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Save with Tampa Bay's Water Quality Specialists

Save with Tampa Bay's Water Quality Specialists

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Save with Tampa Bay's Water Quality Specialists
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Save with Tampa Bay's Water Quality Specialists

If you are looking for ways to improve the water quality in your home in Tampa, call and speak with the water treatment experts at Chuck's Plumbing today. We have been helping customers with water softeners, conditioning and purification across Tampa for 20 years - all backed by a written warranty, a satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to providing you with the great service you deserve.

Water Quality Solutions

How we help the water quality in your home

The water quality varies across the Tampa area so its important to find a solution that meets the quality criteria of your own home. If you look at the Tampa Water Department figures from their testing you'll see that the contaminant levels vary greatly from test to test. Chuck's Plumbing can help with the latest in water quality technology, all backed up by a five year warranty and Tampa Bay's best service.

There are a few solutions that we can help with

Water Softener


'Hard' water is an accumulation of minerals in your water supply, mainly calcium and magnesium compounds. The result is water that leaves scale on faucets, sinks, pipes and appliances. It can also make it harder to clean things, requiring more detergent to create a lather, and requiring more effort. A water softening system in your home can make for a luxurious shower, easier cleaning and fewer pipe and appliance problems.

Chucks Plumbing can assist by showing you various water softening options, the systems with the best warranties and lowest running costs - and best of all our installations are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Water Quality Tampa

Water Conditioning Tampa


Some of the contaminants in the water supply can be surprising, ranging from lead to pesticides to coliform bacteria. The levels vary across the city, and you can expect them to be within EPA limits. The controversy comes with the health effects at those limits when there is low level exposure day after day, year after year from drinking water. For example the previous 'healthy' limit on some contaminants for some EPA limits were recently cut dramatically after new research. So it is not surprising that more and more families are enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the additional comfort of a home water filtration and purification system.

And it's not just better peace of mind for your family, it can also make for crisper, cleaner and better tasting water too.

Again, Chucks Plumbing can help with friendly advice and a choice of systems to help you.

Water Conditioning Tampa

For all your water treatment needs in Tampa, call and speak with a pure water specialist from Chuck's Plumbing today.


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Why Choose Chuck's

When you choose Chuck's Plumbing for your plumbing needs in and around Tampa, you can be sure of professional service from a family-run business that takes care of your needs.


We'll leave your home or business just as we found it. Our technicians are clean-cut, polite and responsible. We're a family business that holds family values in the highest esteem.


We are respectful of your time and value your custom. We always look after our valued customers.


For more convenient service we'll be there when you need us. You won't be left waiting.


Our plumbing technicians are experienced, professional and well-trained. We are part of a nationwide network of industry-leading training.


You know the full price before you decide if we proceed.


You can rely on quality workmanship backed by a written guarantee.

Read From Our Happy Customers

  • Chucks was pleasant to work with. The tech was thorough and very knowledgable. We would be happy to hire them again for our next home project.

    Michael P

    I have used Chuck's Plumbing several times for repairs on a 30 year old home. Each time they have been prompt (even early) and have completed the repairs quickly. The technicians were friendly and knowledgeable.
    If you have a plumbing need, contact Chuck's Plumbing.

    Matt M
  • I've used your company many times and as usual everything went great. Mike was on time, and went right to work doing the things I need it done at a very fair price. It's one thing to have the work done at a fair price and quickly it's a whole other situation when the person that is doing the work is upbeat pleasant and enjoyable to be around. Keep up the good work and give Mike another gold star on his chart.

    John P

    Chuck reviewed our Solar Water Heating system and was both knowledgeable and provided several options to fix the issues we were having.

    Andy S
  • I am very happy with the work that was done & the person that fix the plumbing . The company keep me informed on time the plumber would be home and he was on time I would recommend them.

    Jacqueline G

    We are very happy with the work that Chuck's Plumbing did for us. Bobby was very friendly, prompt, and fully explained my options. There were no surprises, which was nice. Also, Bobby took great care to clean up after the work was completed. Chuck's Plumbing is now on our list of reliable companies to call.

    Karen T
  • The service man that came out was so nice and informative! He took care of my shower and then checked all water sources and recommended upgrades. He really did a great job and I won't hesitate to call Chucks Plumbing next time.

    Katrina L

    Chuck and Mike, thanks so much for a skilled excelent job, I will be happy to recommend you to anyone, Thanks again, Dorothy and Brian.

    Brian C
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